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Get your music out of the Clouds and back onto the Street

Create a GROUP account on SOUND STREET and publish your MUSIC from SOUND CLOUD to reach a wider audience.

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Sound Street APP now available for Android Phones

Download and Install the new Sound Street APP, for ANDROID Phones, from the Sound Street / Rue de la Zik website and keep up to date with whats on, even when you are on the move … https://www.sound-street.com/ruedelazik/soundstreet.apk

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The Cultural Revolution is underway

Yes ! We need to keep music live. The financial crisis is biting hard and both musicians and venues are finding it tough to carry on with concert and festival cancellations breaking the news every day. We need to react, and now! Sound Street is an online application that changes…

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Welcome to Sound Street

Sound Street / Rue de la Zik is dedicated to musicians of all styles, already known or yet to be, everyone involved in organising concerts and all those wishing to attend,

The place to be and to be seen,

The place to find out about up and coming concerts in your region.