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Punishment of Luxury Live on Sound Stream
The mythical Punk Rock band, Punishment of Luxury, better known as PUNILUX, will be broadcasting their up and coming concert from Newcastle Upon Tyne over Sound Stream. Check out the Audi/Video Streams on Sound Street, on Monday the 11th November 2019 and come and watch their amazing show.
Group and Venue Membership
Members can now issue requests to join a group or venue as an authorised member after acceptance and confirmation by the owner or by another member. This allows group and venue entities to be manged indifferently by any one of their authorized member accounts. This feature is accompanied by a blacklisting mechanism to help to protect groups and venues from unwanted solicitation.
Sound Street Member Accounts
The new soundstreet member accounts now allow creation of soundstreet group and venue accounts allowing band promoters to manage multiple bands and venue managers to manage multiple sites.
News Article Likes
It is now possible to indicate that you Like a particular news article by clicking on the corresponding function button on the left hand side under the block of text.
Next to this button you can see the total number of likes for that article.
Sound Street Relations Black List
The Sound Street Relations management has been enhanced to improve your privacy and now allows unwanted relations and relationship requests to be black listed. These relations will be added to your Black List and will no longer be allowed to issue relationship requests to you.
Sound Street News Feed
The Sound Street News Feed is now accessible for use by Groups and Venues for the publication of messages about their activities and events. The new PostArticle function has been added to the Group and Venue account workspaces allowing news articles to be composed and submitted.
Sound Street Streaming
The Sound Street Streaming Services allow a group or venue to set up a streaming service into the cloud to reach a wider audience. The Streaming Services are now available for beta testing. If you are interested please send us a message through the Contact Us option on the menu.
Sound Street Members
The Sound Street Web Site has been extended to offer anonymous member accounts to be created. These accounts may then create the groups and or venues that they wish to manage. Members are free to browse the Sound Street site and make use of the various features that it offers.
Sound Street Relations
The SoundStreet website has been enhanced to offer contacts and relations between groupsand venues. Relation requests can be sent to a group or venue using the LINK icon button on the cover image of the group or venue splash page. The relation must be confirmed by the recipient before it becomes active. Either party may cancel the relation at any time.
Sheffield Music Scene in August
Check out the great acts on and around Sheffield during August.
Get your music out of the Clouds and back onto the Street
Create a GROUP account on SOUND STREET and publish your MUSIC from SOUND CLOUD to reach a wider audience.
Sound Street APP now available for Android Phones
Download and Install the new Sound Street APP, for ANDROID Phones, from the Sound Street / Rue de la Zik website and keep up to date with whats on, even when you are on the move ...
Testez le Streaming RuedelaZik et diffusez vos concerts en directe
Simply sign up for free, as a Group or as a Venue, to get started using "Sound Street" to manage your concerts and bookings. Dont forget to spread the word by inviting new groups and venues to join.
The Cultural Revolution is underway
Yes ! We need to keep music live. The financial crisis is biting hard and both musicians and venues are finding it tough to carry on with concert and festival cancellations breaking the news every day. We need to react, and now! Sound Street is an online application that changes the way things can be done. Sign up, search, discover, organise, publish, participate, get your music or venue known. The first fully integrated social network for the world of music. Join us now and help us make things happen.
Simplicity changes everything
Sound Street is easy to use but some of the most important features require a little thought or experience. Don't forget to consult the user guides whenever you need a helping hand.
Lets work together
In order for Sound Street to achieve its maximum potential it needs friends of friends of musicians and venues to spread the word. Don't hesitate to get involved now!
New Concert The warlocks @Petit Bain
New Concert Delgres @Le Forum Vauréal
New Concert Vanupié @Le Forum Vauréal
New Group Your Group Name
New Concert The Soft Moon @Badaboum
New Concert Lucky Peterson @New Morning
New Concert OTZEKI @Badaboum
New Concert The Skatalites @New Morning
New Concert OROUNI @Petit Bain
New Concert Frapadingos @Studio de l'Ermitage
New Concert Akalé Wubé @Studio de l'Ermitage
New Concert FABIANA COZZA @Studio de l'Ermitage
New Concert JOANNE MCIVER & CHRISTOPHE SAUNIERE @Studio de l'Ermitage
New Concert Martymusicshow @Le Ton Air de Brest
New Concert CABARET CONTEMPORAIN @La Petite Halle
New Concert HOAX PARADISE @La Dame de Canton
New Concert Rooftop @BIZZ'ART
New Concert Stefan Filey @Café Oz Châtelet
New Concert Thomas de Pourquery @La Petite Halle